Understanding the Culture War in a Scientific Age:

The Pitched Battle for the Soul of America!





Volume I, No. 1

Understanding the Liberal Worldview ● Quantum Quackery ● Decoherence


Volume I, No. 2

Understanding the Liberal Worldview, continued ● Evolution Disinformation


Volume I, No. 3

Understanding the Liberal Media ● Turnstile Morality ● The Science Behind the Bible ● The Science of Probabilities


Volume I, No. 4

The Liberal Worldview (continued) ● The Miracle of Life ● Science of Probabilities ● Roe v. Wade ● Abortion and Infanticide


Volume I, No. 5

Understanding Homosexualism ● The Physics of the Universe ● Homogeneity vs. Heterogeneity ● Physical Systems ● “Natural Orientation” ● Politically Correct Pseudo-Science ● Useful Web Resources


Volume I, No. 6

Culture War Heating Up ● John McCain or Barack Obama? ● The Church in Eclipse ● Laodicean Compromise ● What Would Jesus Do? ● Worlds Apart


Volume I, No. 7

Ontology of Christmas ● Probability Theory ● The Science Hidden in the Bible ● Quantum Theory ● Understanding the Pauline Gospel ● The Wonder of Christmas


Volume I, No. 8

Barack Obama’s Legacy? ● Stones vs. Bricks ● Polymorphism ● Isotropism ● Repetition and Entropy ● Social Structures ● Tower of Babel ● Brick Civilizations ● Blueprints of Human Organization






Home Judeo-Christian Worldview ● Ten Commandments ● Marriage and Family Values

Abortion ● Sexuality ● Euthanasia ● American Military




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