In God We Trust
Understanding the Culture War in a Scientific Age:
The Pitched Battle for the Soul of America

Christmas 2008 - Vol I, No. 7




The Ontology of Christmas
The Bible was written in an age in which it had to accommodate itself to the mind of the pre-scientific man, conveying the truth about human nature in the language of metaphor and anthropomorphism. On the surface of it, at least, the legends, metaphors, anthropomorphisms, analogies and parables found in the Bible may not qualify as “science,” but the worldview that they convey, especially at Christmas time, can now be shown to be coincident with cutting-edge, modern-day scientific thought.

Probability Theory
This year’s winner of the coveted Templeton Prize was the Polish cosmologist and catholic priest, Professor Michael Heller. In an essay entitled Chaos, Probability and the Comprehensibility of the World, Professor Heller ranks Probability Theory as one of the most reliable scientific templates in existence today. Question: How could the fundamental testimony of the Bible, written thousands of years ago, be in agreement with a modern-day scientific template such as Probability Theory?

The Science Hidden in the Bible
In Genesis 2:7 we read that God formed man from the “dust of the earth” (physics of the universe, statistically oriented toward more probable states). In the Ten Commandments we find God repeating the words “You shall not... You shall not,” presupposing a statistical tendency to the contrary. In Proverbs 14:12 Solomon declares, “There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death,” presupposing a statistically probable outcome (“death” being the end point of energetic striving beyond which no more change is possible—“final equilibrium state” in the language of science). In Matthew 7:13 Christ says, “Enter in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, [but] narrow is the way which leads to life,” suggesting something scientifically simple, elegant and predictable. The “narrow gate” leads to statistically less probable states of life, structure, complexity, heterogeneity and non-repetition (i.e., lower entropy states). The “wide gate” leads to statistically more probable states of non-life, non-structure, simplicity, homogeneity and repetition (AKA “abortion, same-sex marriage and “euthanasia”). These and numerous other scriptural passages, along with the brutal record of human history itself, add volumes of evidence to the Biblical truth that the derivative (“fallen”) nature of mankind is statistically oriented toward disorder.

Quantum Theory
Scientists recognize the essential similarity between universal phenomena and have developed the theory of quantum mechanics to explain it. Statistical theory is one of the pillars of quantum mechanics in that it provides a basis for analyzing the relationship between probable and improbable. Connecting all the dots, and all things being equal, we see that the transition from less probable states to more probable states is characteristic of the behavior of all physical systems in the universe—including human ones formed from the “dust of the earth”. Take away God from the human sphere of existence and what have you done? You have reduced human beings to physical systems whose behavior will begin to mimic that of every other physical system in the universe. This is what is happening to American culture today. Look beneath the surface of the culture war and you will see a gigantic, complex, physical system, inching its way toward more probable states.

Understanding the Pauline Gospel
Paul's rhetorical discourse in Romans 7:15-24 goes so far as to suggest that the physics of the universe is influencing the behavior of man in negative ways:

I do not understand my own irrational nature. For I do not seem to be able to do what is good, but end up doing the very thing that I hate and know to be evil.... So then it is no longer I myself that is oriented toward evil, but something in my flesh [in my physical constitution].... For in my inmost spirit and mind I delight in the Law of God; but I see in my flesh [physical system] a contrary principle at war with the law of my mind, making me captive to the law of sin internalized in my physical members.

This was written in a pre-scientific age. How would the Apostle Paul have stated the same thing today? Regardless, he would have concluded it in the same way that he did 2000 years ago: “O wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

The Wonder of Christmas
Would an omniscient and loving Heavenly Father create a universe oriented toward more probable states, fashion the bodies of His children from the physics of the same universe, and NOT institute a plan of salvation from the very beginning? Unthinkable! The Bible chronicles the different stages of God’s plan from Genesis to Revelation, often doing so in a metaphoric language that the pre-scientific man could relate to. In “Eden,” the Spirit of God shielded the spirit of man from the natural orientation of the universe. Even after the “fall” and expulsion from “Eden,” God provided an interim shield and covering in the form of the Mosaic Covenant. But even before the creation itself, the Creator had already foreseen the consequences of man’s free will and made provision for a more perfect salvation to come. As the New Covenant affirms, the advent of Jesus Christ on earth was not an afterthought of God: Christ was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8).

For Unto Us a Child is Born
Wonder of wonders, 2000 years ago the Creator himself assumed a body of flesh and walked among us to fully shoulder the burden of mankind and undertake a wholesale overhaul, transformation and re-orientation of human nature at the deepest spiritual level. Stated figuratively, 2000 years ago Christ Jesus built a spiritual “firewall” between the nature of universe and the nature of mankind, making that “firewall” accessible to all who chose to put their trust in God. And that is Good News indeed, the good news that we celebrate every Christmas!


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What is America’s culture war really all about?

Who are the warring factions and what do they really want?

What set of beliefs drives the ideology of the conservative right?

What set of beliefs drives the ideology of the liberal left?

How do these beliefs divide America when it comes to:


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“The purpose and content of this book are clearly stated in the subtitle, Understanding the Culture War in a Scientific Age: The Pitched Battle for the Soul of America. I think the author has contributed significantly toward fulfilling this purpose. I am particularly impressed by the selection and integration of principles and presuppositions in the early chapters, followed by application of these principles in subsequent chapters. He adheres to the Judeo-Christian worldview, but the book should be of significance and interest to readers whatever their worldview may be.”

—Robert B. Fischer, Ph.D.


Biola University


“Most great movements of history have launched only after one great book has stirred the hearts of men. Such a book is In God We Trust by Victor Shane which makes the moral argument for America’s third great religious reawakening. When the battle is ultimately won and civilization is successfully defended, history will remember the book that started it all.”

—Rabbi Daniel Lapin,


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“Though Victor and I have different understandings of the details of religion, Victor being a devout Christian and I being an orthodox Jew, clearly in his book, In God We Trust, we share identical views regarding the desperate need for a return to the Biblically based moral code that once prevailed in American society and upon which America was founded. Victor has put into words the concerns and desires of the silent majority of Americans which must cease to be silent.”

—Gerald Schroeder, Ph.D.,

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