In God We Trust
Understanding the Culture War in a Scientific Age:
The Pitched Battle for the Soul of America

May/June 2008   |  Volume I, Number 5




Understanding Homosexualism
In a previous newsletter ( we likened the mindset of the derivative world to a quantum-statistical turnstile that encourages movements in one direction (more probable states) while resisting movements in the opposite direction (less probable states). Ok, so what’s this all about and what does it have to do with the culture war? What, for example, does it have to do with “same-sex marriage”?

Physics of the Universe
In Genesis 2:7 we are told that God formed man from the “dust of the earth” (physics of the universe, oriented toward more probable states). The atoms that make up our flesh, our bones, our sinews, our brains, our nervous systems, our cells, our synapses and our neurons are all governed by the behavioral field of a universe that is oriented toward more probable states. The physical orientation of the universe is therefore not something “outside” of us. It is internalized in our physical constitution in terms of a general attraction toward—and preference for—more probable states. What then? Is the pro-homosexuality agenda of the liberal left a particular instance of general physical law? Simply put, is it the urge to move toward more probable states? Can it be that simple? Well, nothing is that “simple” when it comes to human beings, but pile on all the psychological adjuncts of mankind and the results are inevitable.

Homogeneity vs. Heterogeneity
The word “homogeneous” is a composite of the Greek homo, meaning “one, the same,” and genus, meaning “kind.” The word “heterogeneous” is a composite of the Greek hetero, meaning “two, different,” and genus, “kind.” Given the nature and orientation of the physical world, simple structures would tend to be more probable than complex structures; same-kind structures would tend to be more probable than different-kind structures; homogeneous structures would tend to be more probable than heterogeneous structures.

Physical Systems
Remove all considerations of God and Judeo-Christian morality. Exclude the Ten Commandments. Strip the human condition of all Divine law, spiritual restraint and moral discipline. What have you done? You have reduced human beings to physical systems! How do physical systems behave? Naturally, they tend to move away from less probable states (different-kind structures), toward more probable states (same-kind structures). Slowly and imperceptibly at first, but as time goes on with growing zeal, increasing fervor, conviction, enthusiasm, dedication and “passionate intensity” (Yeats), large samples of human beings will begin making cultural selections in favor of homosexualism.

“Natural Orientation”
If you remove the Divine from the human, what sort of “natural orientation” would you be left with? Well, if the cosmos were oriented toward more probable states, then you would expect all flesh to be oriented toward more probable states as well. The same derivative spirit that would conform to the nature of the physical world in idolatry, would also conform to the orientation of the physical world in homosexualism. What are we saying? We are saying that without God there would have been no complex, heterogeneous, Judeo-Christian family structure to speak of, only same-kind structures, groupings, arrangements, communes, tribes, cults, gangs, cabals, associations, unions, partnerships and amalgamations. Absent the design of God, the familial arrangements of mankind would have flowed into the mold of probability, away from less probable (different-kind) structures, toward more probable (same-kind) structures. Remove God from America and you can expect American culture to gravitate toward homosexualism.

Politically Correct Pseudoscience
What shall we say about the perversions of this age? The practitioners and purveyors of it have said it all, for they say, “It is our natural orientation!” thereby confirming everything the Bible has been saying about the fallen nature of man. Only a few decades ago homosexuality was on the American Psychological Association’s list of behavioral disorders requiring psychiatric treatment. With the advent of the postmodern era—and a few riots—it was taken off the list and is now assumed to be an immutable and unalterable characteristic of birth! (How did that happen?) Big Brother and his thought police have now declared homosexuality to be “a natural orientation,” and “being gay” the attitude of those who have chosen to go with the flow and no longer resist doing what comes naturally. What then is this so-called “orientation” all about? Whence the source, origin and provenance of this urge to merge in same-kind unions? Whence this obsession with homosexualism among radical feminists? You will find answers to these and other questions within the pages of In God We Trust.

Useful Web Resources
There is a great deal of good research that does try to investigate the causes of homosexuality, but you won’t hear about it in the derivative media. Two noteworthy institutions that attempt to do that are NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) and JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality).

You will find a great deal of useful information on their websites, but as of yet neither NARTH nor JONAH has gone so far as to relate the root causes of homosexuality to the plain vanilla laws of physics.

The newly published book In God We Trust by Victor Shane does just that, arming those of you on the forefront of the culture war with the rational wherewithal to turn back the derivative tide and restore this great nation to the dignity of her origins in God.




What is America’s culture war really all about?

Who are the warring factions and what do they really want?

What set of beliefs drives the ideology of the conservative right?

What set of beliefs drives the ideology of the liberal left?

How do these beliefs divide America when it comes to:


The Judeo-Christian worldview?

The Ten Commandments?

Marriage & family values?




The American military?


“Most great movements of history have launched only after one great book has stirred the hearts of men. Such a book is In God We Trust by Victor Shane which makes the moral argument for America’s third great religious reawakening. When the battle is ultimately won and civilization is successfully defended, history will remember the book that started it all.”

—Rabbi Daniel Lapin,


American Alliance of Jews

and Christians


“Though Victor and I have different understandings of the details of religion, Victor being a devout Christian and I being an orthodox Jew, clearly in his book, In God We Trust, we share identical views regarding the desperate need for a return to the Biblically based moral code that once prevailed in American society and upon which America was founded. Victor has put into words the concerns and desires of the silent majority of Americans which must cease to be silent.”

—Gerald Schroeder, Ph.D.,

Jerusalem, Israel


“The purpose and content of this book are clearly stated in the subtitle, Understanding the Culture War in a Scientific Age: The Pitched Battle for the Soul of America. I think the author has contributed significantly toward fulfilling this purpose. I am particularly impressed by the selection and integration of principles and presuppositions in the early chapters, followed by application of these principles in subsequent chapters. He adheres to the Judeo-Christian worldview, but the book should be of significance and interest to readers whatever their worldview may be.”

—Robert B. Fischer, Ph.D.


Biola University


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