In God We Trust
Understanding the Culture War in a Scientific Age:
The Pitched Battle for the Soul of America

March 2008   |  Volume I, Number 3




Understanding the Liberal Media
In previous newsletters ( we exposed some of the misinterpretations associated with Quantum Theory and Darwinian Evolution to point out that there is in fact very little genuine science associated with the worldview of the liberal left. But is there any genuine morality associated with it?


Turnstile Morality
A turnstile is a form of gate often used in subway stations or amusement parks to enforce one-way traffic of people. Turnstiles use ratchet mechanisms to allow the rotation of the stile in one direction only. The larger version of the turnstile, often found in prisons, is similar in operation to a revolving door and is sometimes referred to as an iron maiden, after the medieval torture device of the same name.



What do turnstiles have in common with the morality of the liberal media? In principle, a great deal! Why, for example, does the liberal media encourage cultural movements away from America's Judeo-Christian Foundations, but try to block any movement back toward them? Why does it encourage movements toward atheism, abortion, same-sex marriage and euthanasia, while resisting movements in the opposite direction? Why, for example, are transitions from heterosexuality to homosexuality instantly approved of in the apostate media and academia, but any attempt to achieve the reverse through spiritual counseling and psychiatric therapy demonized and stonewalled as the blackest and most damnable of sins? The answer is surprisingly simple, elegant and scientific.


The Science Behind the Bible
In Genesis 2:7 the Bible lets it be known that God formed man from the “dust of the earth” (physics of this universe). That being the case, what can we infer from the repetition of the words “you shall not” in the Ten Commandments? Obviously, a tendency to the contrary! Where the Ten Commandments say, You shall not kill, or You shall not steal, or You shall not commit adultery, or You shall not covet, we can infer “something” in human nature that would tend to encourage these things. What exactly is that “something”? Can it be explained in rational, scientific terms?


The Science of Probabilities
Modern science describes the physical world as a gigantic behavioral field in which the greater order of change is moving away from less probable states toward more probable states (the general direction prescribed by the so-called “arrow of time,” also referred to as “increasing entropy.”) This brings to mind the idea of a turnstile or ratchet mechanism, one that encourages movement in one direction (toward more probable states), while resisting movement in the opposite direction (toward less probable states). And this, in the final analysis, is the mechanism that governs the “morality” of the apostate media and academia today. This is the derivative mind that decides what to allow and what not to allow, what to encourage and what to restrain, what to condone and what to condemn, what to ignore and what to hold up to exaggerated ridicule, what to applaud and what to scorn, what to dignify and what to demonize, what to tolerate and what to forbid, what to include and what to exclude, what to publish and what to suppress, what to put in bold headlines, and what to put in small print on the last page. This, in the final analysis, is the derivative spirit that decides what to promote as “political correctness,” and what to execrate as “homophobic hate speech.” This is what happens when men reject God and behave as though they were nothing more than physical systems. The Bible predicted it long ago:

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind (Romans 1:28).

In rejecting God, the apostate media has now assumed the shape and form of a quantum-statistical turnstile governed by the rudiments of the perishable universe. Any movement toward more probable states (socialism, mediocrity, perversion, permissiveness, pornography, obscenity, homosexualism, abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, etc.) will be allowed to go through. Contrariwise any movement toward less probable states (godliness, uprightness, honesty, pursuit of excellence, free enterprise, hard work, decency, self-control, morality, patriotism, family values) will be blocked. The Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer explained the inevitable results in this way:

The worldview [that there is no God], that the final reality is only material or energy shaped by pure chance, inevitably, that’s the next word I would bring to you, mathematically—with mathematic certainty—brings forth all these other results.... (1)


In God We Trust by Victor Shane was written to expose the sham and error that underlies modern-day liberalism, arming those of you on the forefront of the culture war with the rational wherewithal to restore this great nation to the dignity of her origins in God.


(1) Francis A. Schaeffer, A Christian Manifesto (transcript, published by Coral Ridge Ministries, 1982), 4.



What is America’s culture war really all about?


Who are the warring factions and what do they really want?


What set of beliefs drives the ideology of the conservative right?


What set of beliefs drives the ideology of the liberal left?



How do these beliefs divide America when it comes to:


The Judeo-Christian worldview?

The Ten Commandments?


Marriage & family values?







The American military?


As the culture war reaches its boiling point, In God We Trust by Victor Shane provides answers to the above questions along with winning strategies intended to restore America to the dignity of her origins in God.


“Most great movements of history have launched only after one great book has stirred the hearts of men. Such a book is In God We Trust by Victor Shane which makes the moral argument for America’s third great religious reawakening. When the battle is ultimately won and civilization is successfully defended, history will remember the book that started it all.”

—Rabbi Daniel Lapin,


American Alliance of Jews

and Christians

“Though Victor and I have different understandings of the details of religion, Victor being a devout Christian and I being an orthodox Jew, clearly in his book, In God We Trust, we share identical views regarding the desperate need for a return to the Biblically based moral code that once prevailed in American society and upon which America was founded. Victor has put into words the concerns and desires of the silent majority of Americans which must cease to be silent.”

—Gerald Schroeder, PhD.

Jerusalem, Israel



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