In God We Trust
Understanding the Culture War in a Scientific Age:
The Pitched Battle for the Soul of America

February 2008   |  Volume I, Number 2




Understanding the Liberal Worldview
There is a pitched battle raging for the soul of America at this eleventh hour. One side believes that God created the universe and invested man with unalienable rights worth defending. The other side believes that there is no God, there are no absolutes and man enjoys a gratuitous, carefree and gay existence in an indeterminate universe in which anything goes. Of course, atheists claim that they are basing their worldview on “science.” But are they? The problem is that even as the culture war reaches its boiling point, we Christians have yet to show that their worldview is not based on genuine science. Our failure to do so gives the impression that the ideology of the conservative right is driven by “backward superstition,” whereas the ideology of the atheist left is driven by “rational science.” Well, as it turns out, the reverse is true!


Quantum Quackery
In our previous newsletter ( we explained that the logic of the liberal left would have been stillborn had it not been for the reinforcement that it misappropriated from the so-called “Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics,” which is often misinterpreted to suggest that we live in chaotic universe in which everyone creates his own reality as he goes along. And we explained that a simple scientific principle called decoherence demolishes that idea. Well, quantum quackery isn’t the only thing that the liberal left uses to force reality by the rules of political correctness! There is this thing called “evolution” as well.

Evolution Disinformation
Why do atheistic academicians love to bring up the subjects of “Darwin” and “evolution”? Why do they treat these subjects as though they were the holy grails of some new-found religion? Well, their logic would read something like this:


“BECAUSE evolution explains the origins of life, THEREFORE there is no need for God!”


What sort of logic is this? It’s the same logic that says “BECAUSE my grandmother doesn’t have any wheels, THEREFORE she’s not a wagon!” The logic is obviously flawed because there is no scientific connection between grandma and wagons, any more than there is a scientific connection between evolution and the origins of life. Why not? For two reasons: 1) The origins of life are to this day unknown—there isn’t a scientist alive who can explain the origins of life on earth. 2) Evolution doesn’t try to explain the origins of life—it presupposes existing life forms and tries to explain how they became so varied. (The branch of science that investigates the origins of life is referred to as biogenesis, not evolution.) So then here also, what the liberal left holds up as the holy grail of its atheistic religion is contradicted, not by the “silly arguments of backward Christians,” but by the arguments of science itself. Here are those arguments (read them carefully):

Darwinian evolution presupposes natural selection....

Natural selection presupposes variation (something to select from)....

Variation presupposes replication....

Replication presupposes existing DNA (life’s blueprint)....

DNA presupposes existing, viable, replicating life forms, the origins of which are to this day unknown.

Do you see the contradiction? If the origins of life had been explained by evolution, the logic of the liberal left might have had a leg to stand on. However, neither the origins of life are known, nor is it even the business of evolution to try to explain them. Darwinian evolution presupposes existing life forms and then tries to explain the branching mechanisms that occurred after the initial jump-starting of life. And what about those branching mechanisms? Does the existence of branching mechanisms contradict the Bible? Of course not! In his book entitled America’s Real War, Rabbi Daniel Lapin puts the issue to rest:


For purposes of trying to clarify the cultural tug-of-war, we need only ask the question: Did we get here by a process of unaided materialistic evolution or did God arrange it? Did we come from a Creator or from apes?1


On the surface of it, at least, the liberal worldview appears imposing, powerful, sophisticated, tolerant, outwardly “scientific,” “cultured,” and “elegant”; inwardly, however, it is seething with national and commercial rivalries, despair, futility, foolishness, and falsehood.


In God We Trust by Victor Shane was written to expose the sham and error that underlies modern-day liberalism, arming those of you on the forefront of the culture war with the rational wherewithal to restore this great nation to the dignity of her origins in God.


1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin, America’s Real War (Sisters, Oregon: Multnomah Publishers, Inc.,1999), 51.





What is America’s culture war really all about?


Who are the warring factions and what do they really want?


What set of beliefs drives the ideology of the conservative right?


What set of beliefs drives the ideology of the liberal left?



How do these beliefs divide America when it comes to:


The Judeo-Christian worldview?

The Ten Commandments?


Marriage & family values?







The American military?




As the culture war reaches its boiling point, In God We Trust by Victor Shane provides answers to the above questions along with winning strategies intended to restore America to the dignity of her origins in God.


“Most great movements of history have launched only after one great book has stirred the hearts of men. Such a book is In God We Trust by Victor Shane which makes the moral argument for America’s third great religious reawakening. When the battle is ultimately won and civilization is successfully defended, history will remember the book that started it all.”

—Rabbi Daniel Lapin,


American Alliance of Jews

and Christians




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