In God We Trust
Understanding the Culture War in a Scientific Age:
The Pitched Battle for the Soul of America

January 10, 2008   |  Volume I, Number 1




Understanding the Liberal Worldview
It is said the provenance of liberalism can be traced to the hallucinations of the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778). Rousseau’s claim that man is by nature good and only his institutions have made him bad are foundational to the liberal worldview. Even today, millions of liberals in America and elsewhere believe that man is inwardly good and that it is the “exterior social conditions” (AKA “the anarchy of capitalism”) that make man do bad things. So how do liberals propose to fix those “exterior social conditions”? By means of big government, of course (AKA “scientific socialism”). It goes without saying that belief in the inherent goodness of man contradicts logic and common sense, not to mention the brutal evidence of history and the core teachings of the Bible. A thing is always the sum of its parts. The “exterior social conditions” of the world are merely reflections of the interior condition of the souls that live in it. It is the fallen nature of man that corrupts societies, not the other way round. (The cart goes behind the horse, not in front of it).

Quantum Quackery
The imponderable logic of the liberal left would have been stillborn had it not been for the reinforcement that it misappropriated from the so-called “Copenhagen inter-pretation of quantum mechanics” (Google those words for more, or better yet, Google “Quantum Quackery”). The Copenhagen model is nowadays misinterpreted to suggest that causality ultimately breaks down and reality is observer-created. This misinterpretation was at the root of the bitter feud between Einstein and scientists of the Copenhagen school (Niels Bohr et all), culminating in Einstein lashing out with his famous words—“God does not play dice with the universe!” To debunk the Copenhagen misinterpretation Albert Einstein and his Princeton colleagues, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen, conceived of their “EPR Paradox” which has yet to be resolved. (“EPR” stands for “Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen”―Google it for more). To quote Einstein: “Does the moon exist only when someone is looking at it?” What sort of half-baked logic would reply in the negative? Why would the universe be an indeterminate chaos in which nothing is real unless there is someone “observing” it? What manner of arrogance is it that says, “Everything in the universe is unreal until I come along to observe it”? What manner of hubris is it that says, “I, me, and myself, create what is and isn’t real in the universe”? Is it not the arrogance and hubris of the serpent in Eden when it whispered to Eve, “Ye shall be as gods” (Genesis 3:5)?

Do we live in a “rational universe created by a rational God,” as the late Dr. D. James Kennedy once declared, or is the universe a chaos of unknown things? What then? What are we to think? Does quantum mechanics imply a chaotic subnature in which anything goes? Does causality indeed break down at the quantum level, as some atheists and New Age gurus would have us believe? A simple scientific principle called decoherence declares otherwise. Decoherence says that although from a human perspective individual quantum events may appear to behave in unpredictable ways, sufficiently large collections of quantum events always behave predictably, otherwise science wouldn’t have a leg to stand on—scientists would not be in a position to predict anything, let alone design such things as transistors, microchips, satellites and superconductors. Put Rousseau and quantum quackery in the same mixing bowl; add a tablespoon of Karl Marx, a teaspoon of Carl Sagan, a pinch of Alfred Kinsey and a smidgen of Hollywood. Now mix them all together (churn well!) and you get the toxic borscht of modern-day liberalism, stated as follows:

There is no god—cosmos is all there is (Sagan).

There are no absolutes (atheism).

Reality is observer-created (quantum quackery).

Man enjoys a gratuitous, carefree and gay existence in a purposeless and indeterminate universe in which anything goes and the greatest sin is that of intolerance (gay pride parade).

Man is inherently good (Rousseau).

It is the social conditions that make man bad (Karl Marx).

It is for government to redeem mankind by changing the social conditions (Bill and Hillary).

In God We Trust by Victor Shane was written to expose the sham and quackery that underlies modern day liberalism, arming those of you on the forefront of the culture war with the rational wherewithal to restore this great nation to the dignity of her origins in God.



What is America’s culture war really all about?


Who are the warring factions and what do they really want?


What set of beliefs drives the ideology of the conservative right?


What set of beliefs drives the ideology of the liberal left?



How do these beliefs divide America when it comes to:


The Judeo-Christian worldview?

The Ten Commandments?


Marriage & family values?







The American military?




As the culture war reaches its boiling point, In God We Trust by Victor Shane provides answers to the above questions along with winning strategies intended to restore America to the dignity of her origins in God.


“Most great movements of history have launched only after one great book has stirred the hearts of men. Such a book is In God We Trust by Victor Shane which makes the moral argument for America’s third great religious reawakening. When the battle is ultimately won and civilization is successfully defended, history will remember the book that started it all.”

—Rabbi Daniel Lapin,


American Alliance of Jews

and Christians




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